"Commonwealth House is a home away from home for academics and international students from all over the world, in the vibrant city of Oxford. Comprising of seven adjacent houses in Pembroke Street, it is located directly opposite Christ Church College, in one of the most prestigious places of the city.

Founded fifty years ago, Commonwealth House aims to be a community of internationals sharing a chapter of their academic journey. We celebrate the diversity of all the cultures and languages represented by the residents in the house as a powerful statement of peace.

There are many opportunities to get to know people by joining the complimentary breakfast, having interesting conversations with neighbouring residents in one of our kitchens whilst preparing your meal; as well as participating in the many social activities organised by the House.

It’s my personal goal to make your time in Commonwealth House a very positive experience, a time when you feel supported to achieve the goals you set for your time here and to develop new friendships which we hope will last a lifetime.


I look forward to welcoming you here."


Matthias Ogi

Warden of Commonwealth House