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Long term residents

Length of stay:


Single room
Per day
Per month
Double room
Per day
Per month

Short term residents

Single room

Length of stay:

Up to 1 Week
1-3 Weeks


£35 per day
£32 per day

Commonwealth House provides high quality, affordable accommodation for international students on Pembroke Street, Oxford.

  • £150 deposit to be paid. Deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted off your first rent.

  • Minimum stay of 3 nights.

  • Double rooms are primarily for single parents with a child. Exceptions might be considered by the warden according to capacity.

  • All kitchen, shower, and toilet facilities are shared with other residents.

  • Rooms are fully furnished, including a refrigerator and washbasin.

  • Bed linen is provided but not towels.

  • Cooking utensils (e.g. pans, plates and cutlery) are available in the kitchens.

  • Wireless internet is included. You must have anti-virus software running on your computer before being allowed on our network.

  • A communal breakfast is complimentary, Monday to Friday, from 7:45am until 8:45am. 

  • Coin-operated washing machines are available. 

  • Coin-operated sockets in room for extra electricity. £1/£3 per month costs.

  • In the winter months you may wish to bring your own blanket.

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