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Commonwealth House is a place of community and diversity, and so to make sure that we have a strong community where residents can feel like they were at home we try to organise events throughout the year for all residents to join in with. 

We encourage residents to come to our events throughout the year, including:

  • On the third Sunday, we have our monthly bring and share lunch, and at the beginning of each term we have a traditional English High Tea meal with all the trimmings, including Champagne.

  • We regularly try to go to local comedy nights, theatre plays, the cinema and festivals.

  • Picnics and Barbecues are also something we do regularly in the summer months.

  • In 2017 CWH organised several trips with the residents. We visited Cambridge, did a boat trip on the river Thames, went to the Christmas Market in Birmingham; visited a local restaurant for traditional English Breakfast, and woke up at 5am on May day to introduce internationals to another Oxford tradition.

  • Film nights are something we do monthly where we watch a film from a different country every month.


Regular annual events we have are the Easter party,  a Summer Barbecue and the Christmas Banquet.

A small gallery of pictures from our Events!

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